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Automated Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood Pressure Monitoring Made Simple


Using the InBody BPBIO 750, staying on the pulse of your blood pressure is easier than ever. With the touch of a button, you’ll receive a variety of important clinically accurate outputs that will provide you with a better understanding of your overall health and wellbeing.

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An Accurate, Easy-To-Use Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

Ideal positioning for precise results.

The BPBIO 750 maximizes user comfort while maintaining high-quality testing conditions that lead to accurate measurements every time. The device features an
ambidextrous design that allows users to test using either arm. By listening to the voice guidance, and assuming correct test positioning using the adjustable cuff and elbow sensor, users will receive precise readings in seconds 

Convenient and compact for easy use.

Convenience is central to the design of the BPBIO 750. This auto-calibrated blood pressure monitor is light and portable, making it the perfect device for any facility. Plus, it is available with a disposable cuff barrier to comply with con-tact-free testing guidelines

More health insights for multiple outputs.

In just 30 seconds, you’ll receive a detailed printout containing information on your personal blood pressure outputs. The Result Sheet includes essential readings such as:


  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure

  • Mean arterial pressure

  • Pulse pressure

  • Pulse rate

  • Rate pressure product...and more!

The first step to effectively managing your blood pressure is routine measurement and monitoring. The fully-automated BPBIO 750 offers a test history Result Sheet so you can monitor and track your blood pressure over time. With hassle-free testing and highly-accurate results, your physician can work with you to develop an action plan to maintain healthy blood pressure for optimal health.

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