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VIP Member

Special Discounts at
10 Local Businesses

We worked with 10 local businesses to get our Men's Clinic Members a special discount any time that they show their Men's Clinic Card. Each business was specifically selected for its quality and appeal to our demographic. Not only do our VIP Partners offer discounts, but each one also hosts an event a year giving them an opportunity to highlight their business to you with a special experience! 

Quarterly Private Events

Each quarter the Men's Clinic Madison hosts a private event, typically in conjunction with some of our VIP Partners. These events are a time for members to gather, connect, have a good time, and get to experience exclusive luxuries. 

Private Facebook Group

A special place for our members to talk and engage with one another. It's a place to discuss men's health, ask for advice, or find a connection. Additionally, the Facebook group is the primary way that the clinic communicates with our members. 

Special Discount from local businesses in Madison Mississippi
The Men's Clinic Madison offers private events every quarter for its members
A Private Facebook group is offered for The Men's Clinic Members

VIP Member

Each member of the Men's Clinic automatically is enrolled in our VIP membership program. The Men's Clinic Madison is more than just a clinic, it's a community... its own club. And so we created the VIP Men's Clinic Membership program just for you!

We have worked to curate quality partners, events, and content just for men. Every aspect of the VIP program has been designed with our Members in mind. 

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