Laser Treatments


Laser Hair Removal


Anti-Aging for Men offers the latest in Laser Technology for hair removal.  We use the Candela Gentlelase 755 nm Alexandrite Laser.  This is the premier hair removal laser in Candela’s lineup.  This particular laser targets the melanin contained in the hair follicle.  Immediately after treatment, the patient can expect to have the sensation of a light sunburn for 4-6 hours.


Over the next several days the hair will appear to accelerate in growth as hair is being ejected.  Hair usually falls out by day 14.  Hair will reappear in 6-8 weeks depending on location.  It usually takes multiple treatments to achieve the desired results.  The number of treatments varies from person to person and among anatomic sites.


Laser Nail Fungus Treatment


Nail Fungus – also known as onychomycosis – “ring worm of the nail”.  This condition affects both the fingernails and the toenails. The toenails are affected much more frequently than the fingernails. The prevalence of nail fungus is approximately 8-10% in the adult population.


There is usually no pain associated with this condition unless it becomes severe. Signs of this condition include a thickened, yellow or cloudy nail plate. The nail can also become rough and crumbly and separate from the nail bed.

There are many causes of onychomycosis (“nail fungus”). A few of the more common pathogens include molds, candida (yeast), and fungi.  Some of the more common risk factors include increasing age, poor health, immunosuppression, warm climate and participation in fitness activities.


Treatment of nail fungus until now has been very challenging because the infection is embedded within the nail making it hard to reach.  There are several pharmacological treatments on the market today that have had limited success but they are usually very slow to work (months to years) and carry significant side effects.

There are several lasers that have been FDA approved for treating nail fungus. One of the lasers used for this condition is the CO2 laser. This laser works by killing the fungus by direct heat. It also bores tiny holes in the nail plate that allow a drying of the nail bed and provides a much more favorable application route for topical anti-fungal agents to be applied.


Laser nail treatments are usually performed at 2-3 weeks intervals. It normally takes 4-6 treatments to completely clear the nail fungus. Success in total clearance has been as high as eighty percent.




Rosacea (ro-ZA-she-uh) is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects adults. It causes redness in your face and produces small, red, pus-filled bumps or pustules.  Left untreated, rosacea tends to be progressive, which means it gets worse overtime. 


Rosacea signs and symptoms may flare up for a period of weeks to months, and then diminish before flaring up again. Besides acne, rosacea can be mistaken for other skin problems, such as a skin allergy or eczema.Though rosacea doesn’t have a cure, treatments can control and reduce the signs and symptoms. If you experience persistent redness of your face, see your doctor for a diagnosis and proper treatment.


Tattoo Removal: Candela TriVantage Laser


Laser tattoo removal is fast and effective when compared to surgical excision, chemical peel and traditional dermabrasion. It also minimizes the risk of any scarring.


ANTI-AGING CLINIC FOR MEN offers men a quick and comfortable tattoo removal that involves no downtime. We use the highly-advanced Candela TriVantage Laser which is able to take out a variety of pigmented lesions. Multiple treatments may be required to remove certain tattoos as the number of sessions is dictated by the colors involved as well as the size of the tattoo. The area to be treated with the laser is anesthetized using a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort. 


What are the advantages of this latest laser tattoo removal technology?

  •  New laser-pumped laser technology makes it possible to deliver the consistent results on tattoos of all colors

  •  Superior ability to treat greens, blues and black

  • Offers more options for treatment of pigmented lesions without unwanted pigment changes

  • Longer pulse duration is more effective and gentle on the skin

  • Flexibility to treat many tattoo colors as well as many pigmentary conditions reduces side-effects attributed to the traditional uses

  • Lightweight optical fiber offers a more uniform beam profile greatly reducing “hot spots” and pin-point bleeding. 





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