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About Us

Our goal is and has always been Excellence.

TMC was opened in 2012. It was originally on the second floor of Mississippi Vein Institute. In October of 2018, TMC moved into its state of the art facility where it is located today. Our mission is to help men manage the aging process, to help them be the very best possible at every stage of their lives. We offer safe and effective testosterone replacement, nutritional supplements, IV infusions, Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments to improve skin and to remove unwanted hair.  All of our treatments are designed to help men age well, growing older is a part of life but looking and feeling old does not have to be.  With an excellent team and over 10 years of experience in managing testosterone replacement in men, our goal is and has always been Excellence. 

A photo of The Men's Clinic Madison where Testosterone Replacement is performed
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