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Our VIP Program

Each member of the Men's Clinic automatically is enrolled in our VIP membership program. The Men's Clinic Brandon is more than just a clinic, it's a community... its own club. And so we created the VIP Men's Clinic Membership program just for you!

We have worked to curate quality partners, events, and content just for men. Every aspect of the VIP program has been designed with our Members in mind. 

Local Discounts

We worked with some local businesses to get our Men's Clinic Members a special discount any time that they show their Men's Clinic Card. Each business was specifically selected for its quality and appeal to our demographic. Not only do our VIP Partners offer discounts, but each one also hosts one event a year giving them an opportunity to highlight their business to you with a special experience! 

Logo for Mississippi Smart Homes

Mississippi Smart Homes  IT Discount - 10% Off

"Smart made Simple" we work to make any building a smart building. Whether that's lighting, security, audio, we do it all! Additionally, we fix many existing systems that never work... to where they actually do work every time. 

The logo for The Mississippi Man

The Mississippi Man - Barbour Discount - 10% Off

The Mississippi Man is a top-of-the-line men’s grooming shop and lounge focused on bringing the best grooming experience to all the men of Mississippi! We have a wide variety of services from haircuts for Men & Boys, steam towel shaves, beard trims, and even facials. Our lounge also includes great music, a bar with craft and domestic beer, amazing TVs so you won’t miss an iconic sport’s moment, and a pool table!

Logo for Fine Eyes Eyewear

Fine Eyes -
Quality Glasses Discount - 10% Off

Since 1995, Fine Eyes has been providing the highest quality lens available for prescription lenses. We carry the top boutique frame lines and sunglasses from all over the world. From the moment you step into the boutique, you’ll know you’re working with experts who see you, not just your prescription. We are focused on making sure you see sharply and look even sharper.

Logo for Revive Nutrition

Revive Nutrition -
Teas & Shakes Discount - 10% Off

Looking to make sure you get the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need? Revive Nutrition is the place for you! From specialty teas to help with mental focus to protein bars to help with muscle recovery, we have you covered. Stop by and ask us how we can help you Revive your day!

Logo For Kinkade's Fine Clothing

Kinkade's -
Fine Clothing Discount - Specially Timed promotions for $50 off 

At Kinkade’s Fine Clothing, our inventory is carefully selected for its quality, style and pedigree. You’ll find clothing here that you’ll rarely find anywhere else 

Logo for Nevada Bob's Golf

Nevada Bob's -
Golf ShopDiscount - 10% Off Soft Goods (no clubs)

Nevada Bob's takes pride in offering the best golf equipment & top-notch customer service. We look forward to seeing you & hearing your comments. This store provides golfing apparel, equipment, and knowledge of the game.

Logo for Colony Wine Market

Colony Wine Market -
Liquor & Wine Discount - 10% Off

Our founder, Scott Jackson, certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, spends his waking hours learning about wine, and his sleeping hours dreaming about it. Scott is dedicated to spreading the good word about wine and to helping others share that enjoyment.  He also enjoys artisan spirits and loves teaching folks how to shake a great cocktail!

Logo for Burger Blues and Barbeque

Burgers, Blues and BBQ Madison -
10% Off 

A lot of restaurants either have great food or a great bar, but at Burgers Blues Barbecue we strive to have both. Every morning our produce truck leaves our crew with hundreds of pounds of potatoes and beef so that everything is prepared fresh daily. Customers not only rave about the deliciously hot hamburgers and mouth-watering appetizers, but also about the restaurants nightly live music and inviting atmosphere. Come see us and be sure to bring your appetite!

Logo for Grills of MS

Grills of Mississippi -
10% Off everything but name brand grills

Grills of Mississippi offers one-stop shopping for everything related to grilling and barbecuing. The store was established in 2015 and has grown so much that they had to relocate to their current location back in 2019. The guys, Jonathan Huddleston and Tracy Hopson, built the business from their hobby of competition barbecue cooking. Whether you have been grilling for 20 years or just 20 minutes, their team will be there to help you get going.

Logo For The Club at The Township

The Club at Township -10 Off% 

At The Club we’ve combined the best in fitness, tennis, and aquatic facilities with outstanding service and an unbeatable atmosphere. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of The Club — from the building design to the variety of programming, and especially in the finishing touches, here you’ll find a truly unique experience.

Private Events

Each quarter the Men's Clinic Brandon hosts a private event, typically in conjunction with some of our VIP Partners. These events are a time for members to gather, connect, have a good time, and get to experience exclusive luxuries. 

Private Event Flyer April 2nd

April 2nd

Guns, Basketball, and Crawfish

There are a limited number of spots, so if you want to attend this event, RSVP here... and do it quick!

Private Facebook Group

A special place for our members to talk and engage with one another. It's a place to discuss men's health, ask for advice, or find a connection. Additionally, the Facebook group is the primary way that the clinic communicates with our members. 

The Men's Clinic Private Facebook Group

Join the Group Today

Request to Join the Facebook group today! Once you get approved you will be able to interact with the group and make your own posts. 

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