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Our Services

The Men's Clinic's goal is to give men quality care for all aspects of the aging process. As a result, we offer a wide variety of services to help on all fronts. 

Testosterone Replacement

Physician prescribed and medically supervised Testosterone replacement programs helping patients enter a cost effective and comprehensive testosterone treatment program designed to treat adult men suffering from symptoms and problems associated with low testosterone, hypogonadism and andropause also known as “male menopause”.

Laser Tatoo Removal

We are able to successfully remove tattoos of all colors. The latest technology operated by a trained and experienced technician delivers enhanced results and comfort for all our patients. We’ve invested in Candela’s cutting-edge ‘laser-pumped laser’ because it is able to remove the most difficult pigments across a broad range of patient skin types while being gentle on the skin. It has also expanded our capabilities allowing us to provide fast and effective treatments for many common skin conditions like freckles, age spots, lentigines, Nevus of Ota and Café-au-Lait.

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition screening by TANITA using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which uses the resistance of electrical flow through the body to measure body fat and muscle mass.

Laser Hair Removal

Because of High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™), the Lumenis LightSheer Desire laser is 75% faster than other hair removal lasers. THE HIT ™ also eliminates the lengthy preparation time needed for cooling or anesthetics. It involves little to no discomfort (most hair removal lasers hurt), and both legs or a full back can be done in 10 minutes.

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